The Program

The school program provides an opportunity for active cooperative play both indoors and outdoors, quiet creative activities, and dramatic play, intellectual growth through experimentation and investigation, music participation, books, stories, as well as experiences in the community.

Working with preschoolers, we are aware of their basic needs. They need a friendly teacher that provides a safe secured environment to learn and play. They need an opportunity to explore and understand their world, freedom and physical activity to help in developing social opportunities with their peers.

The program time can be flexible, but the order of activities generally remains the same. Children excel when there is a sense of peace, sequence, order and flexibility in the schedule to allow for spontaneous and unpredictable events that add joy to a day.

The Free Choice Play

During this time the children are busy alone, or with other children at some self-selected activity.

It may be painting or other art activities, building with a variety of blocks, fine motors play such as puzzles, playdough and board games, playing dramatically in the housekeeping centre, or experimenting with materials in the science corner. We change the activities and most toys bi-weekly so there will be a variety of choices for your child.  The school provides children with a large variety of toys to play with, keeping this in mind; we ask that no toys from home are brought to preschool. We have found that toys from home will either become broken, lost or conflicts occur when all children cannot share them.

Free Choice time is a perfect opportunity for children to interact. Language skills are practiced, sharing and taking turns are promoted.

Circle time / Story time

The children come together at this time to share interesting events of the day, exciting out of school happenings, stories, songs, games, poems and pictures, promote listening skills, turn taking opportunities, learning to wait and discuss any problems and accomplishments of the class. The children will participate in calendar activities; theme based learning skills, practicing our number counting, letter recognition, phonics, colors and shapes all in a fun way.

Music and Movement

The children will have the opportunity to participate and respond creatively to many types of musical experiences. They will have exposure to many rhythm instruments, simple songs and body movement through dance.

Special Events or Holidays

The preschool respects families that celebrate different cultural events. Even though we do not promote any religion, we allow children to be able to share some of their family traditions. If your family celebrate an event and would like to share their experience please see the teachers to plan a day for sharing. The preschool will try to share events like Christmas, Hanukkah, Thanksgiving, or any other events that the families within the preschool wish to share. Parents will be responsible for letting the teacher know if they will allow their child to participate in this sharing time or not.