Teaching Philosophy

The aim of Little Friends is to provide families with a service that will promote the well-being and emotional development of children by meeting their needs for physical, emotional, social and intellectual development growth. Children learn through a variety of stimulating and fun activities geared to the individual child. These activities increase knowledge, participation and understanding. Children begin to develop to their potential when they feel loved and cared for and know that their environment is safe, healthy and positive. Children feeling confident build self-esteem, which develops their sense of self-worth and self-acceptance. The program is staffed by certified Early Childhood Educators that strive to respond to the children needs by understanding and having realistic expectations of what they are capable of achieving. That is, expectations are matched to their level of development.

The term guidance describes the teaching and learning process by which children develop socially acceptable and appropriate behavior as they grow to maturity. At Little Friends we strive to provide a safe healthy environment in which children feel secure.

While there are a wide variety of theories and approaches related to guidance, the goal remains the same – to assist children in developing self-control, self- confidence and self-discipline. We hope that children will be sensitive in their interactions of others.