Supported Child Development Program

Little Friends recognizes that all the children registered have needs, but there are some that have greater needs and therefore would benefit from an inclusive setting. The school’s aim is to provide families with a service that will promote the well-being and emotional development of children by meeting their needs for physical, emotional, social and intellectual growth. After consulting with representatives from Supported Childcare Development Program, Little Friends’ sets aside spaces for children who require extra support in their physical, emotional, social, communication or intellectual development. The program is staffed by certified Early Childhood Educators with a majority of the teachers having government certification to provide additional care to children needing extra support. Also available as a resource to the children and staff is the expertise of Speech and Language Pathologists, Psychologists, Physiotherapists, Supported Child Care Consultants and a Community Health Nurse. The children participate fully with their peers to the best of their ability.