Ready to Play Policy 

Little Friends recognizes the importance in physical activity for young children. We understand and implement physical activity practices every day during the preschool day. In conjunction with physical play we also express positive lifestyle habits and the importance of body awareness in order to keep our bodies safe, healthy and strong

All children will participate in a variety of physical activities throughout the preschool day.

Little Friends will:

  • Provide a designated safe outdoor space for children in the school day
  • Provide a designated safe gym space for children to play during the school day
  • Indoor and outdoor play will have materials available for a variety ways to promote jumping, climbing, running, balancing, and peer interaction.
  • All children will participate in 30 minutes of physical play in the 2 1/2 hour day.  One hour physical play in a full day program and 90 minutes in the daycare program If you deem your child too sick to go outside then he/she may be too sick to be at school.
  • Parents are expected to dress their child in appropriate clothing including foot wear for classroom play ,outdoor play and gym play
  • Throughout the regular day the children will have a 10- 15 minute music and movement every day in circle time. This play will include dancing, stretching, bending ,jumping, musical instruments and games to promote physical activity, listening skills and peer interactions
  • Little Friends recognizes that some children with need extra support needs may require more physical movement to help the child remain regulated. The teachers will provide supervised time for any child that needs any extra physical movement such as jumping, pushing heavier objects, squeezing ,rolling on mats , plopping on a bean bag to help any child to stay regulate and calm and happy
  • During of free choice time in the classroom the teacher will encourage all children to move around the room and try the many activities that is offered the classroom.
  • When possible , the classroom many have music playing in the background to support any spontaneous dancing , or movement with the teachers and children
  • During the school time, there will be no opportunity for screen time. With the exception of one day in January, the school classrooms will participate in a fun Pajama Day. The children will be allowed to watch a planned age appropriate cartoon on a DVD that is less than 30 minutes with their peers and share popcorn and water.