Little Friends Childcare Centre Health Policy

  1. All children MUST wash their hands before entering their classroom for preventive measures
  2. No child may attend who is deemed by a staff member to be unwell or a source of a contagious matter i.e. chicken pox, pink eye, flu like symptoms, continuous runny nose and coughing, scarlet fever, tuberculosis, etc..
  3. A child should be kept home
    • With a fever of 100F ( 38.3C) or higher
    • If vomiting or has diarrhea
    • If infected with a communicable disease or condition
    • With an acute cold with coughing, runny nose or eyes, sore throat. Children must be cleared by their doctor to return to school if some symptoms still exist
    • if on antibiotics for less than 24 hours
    • if not feeling well enough to participate in the centre’s activities
  4. A child with blisters /and or rash must have a doctors OK before returning to school
  5. It is recommended that all children have their immunization up to date
  6. Parents will inform if the child has been bitten by another child, if biting becomes a behaviorally concern by the staff, for health and safety reasons has the power to exclude the child from the centre
  7. Parents are to notify staff of any medications given to the child outside centre hours, especially if the medication may change the behavior of the child, i.e. cold medicine, allergy/ asthma medicine, etc..
  8. Medication will not be administered in the centre to any child unless the “ Request for Administration of Medicine at School” form is completed and signed by a doctor and the parent/guardian
  9. No staff member , student, volunteers judged to be ill and a source of infection may work in the centre
  10. All staff must observe the following preventive routines
    • Staff will wash their hands upon arrival to the centre
    • Staff will wash hands before snack time, food preparation, toileting children and assisting children with body fluids and blood
    • Staff will practice Universal Precautions at all times
  11. The following heath related forms must be completed prior to the child attending
    • Medical forms, immunizations up to date, list of known allergies with instructions of procedures, any medical concern the staff will need to be advised on
  12. All medical information is confidential and cannot be released without written permission with the parents/guardians

Updated June 2018