Little Friends Information Sheet and Guidelines  

Welcome to ‘Little Friends’.

These guidelines are put in point form and if you do not understand them or would like any clarification, please feel free to speak with your teachers anytime

  • We do our best to keep all children as healthy as possible throughout the school year. To help keep germs at a minimum we ask that all children wash their hands in the school washroom before entering the classroom
  • If your child is ill and does not feel well, please keep them at home.
  • If your child is ill and / or will not attend school for any given day, please call the school. The children always ask about a child that is absent, we would like to tell them accurate information.
  • All children are expected to bring a healthy snack and lunch (if your child is staying for lunch) please do not bring anything that contains chocolate and / or candy based.
  • Within our school we have children with life threatening peanut/ nut allergies. Please do not send any snack that may contain any type of nut.
  • We try to encourage children to drink water at snack time. Please do not send any type of beverage with your child unless it is water. We ask that you send a plastic cup that is labeled with your child’s name or a small sippy cup or water container.
  • The staff would like every child to bring a knapsack with them while attending school. We ask that you supply a full change of clothes in this bag in case of any mishaps that may occur during their day. All clothing should be labeled with your child’s name.
  • Please bring indoor shoes to be kept at school. These shoes should be easy to put on and take off and have rubber soles for reasons in the gym and playground
  • We ask that an adult bring your child right into the classroom before class time. In not doing so, the teachers will have no way in knowing when your child has entered the building and therefore it poses a safety concern for your child.
  • Please do not allow your child to bring any toys to school. We find that these toys will either be broken, lost, or conflicts occur when all children do not share them.
  • Children should always dress appropriately for the weather. We try to use our playground as much as possible. On cold, cloudy days please send boots, mittens, a hat and a warm jacket… Do not send your child in jelly shoes, party shoes, flip flops, or sandals to school, we find they are very slippery and not safe to wear in the playground.
  • If your child is going home with another child or being picked up by someone else please inform your child’s teacher. Keep your pick up form current to avoid any misunderstandings at pick up
  • If you need to withdraw from the program, we will require a written 60 day notice stating your child’s last day.  All notices must be given before first of the month.
  • All fees must be in place to hold any spaces. If you plan to go on a vacation , you must  have your fees current or your child’s space will be filled from families on the waitlist
  • No medication can be administered to a child without written consent and instructions from a medical doctor.
  • Please bring your child to school no sooner than five minutes before the scheduled class time. The teachers need this time to set up the classroom and materials for the day. Please pick up your child 5 minutes before the appointed time, children do get worried and upset when parents are late.  Late fees may occur for repeat offenders. If you are late due to unforeseen circumstances please call the school to let us know  so we will be able to reassure your child.