Immunization of Staff and Children

Parents are encouraged to keep their child’s immunization schedule updated and current. We at Little Friends will inform parents the importance of childhood immunization and if they have any concerns to check with their local physician or health department for more information. When a child enters Little Friends they will be handed an immunization schedule and reporting form that is supplied to the school from the health department. Once filled out by the parent, they will then return the form back to school and the school will file them in their child’s personnel file until or if Vancouver Coastal Health Dept. requires copies and/or if the Licensing Department requires to review them. If any family has any concerns or incomplete forms the school will direct them to the Health Department for more information. The teachers will keep very close watch of those children that have not been immunized and direct them to Vancouver Coastal Health for any more information needed if a possible outbreak is imminent

Staff will be encouraged to keep their immunization schedule current and will provide the administrator a copy of all immunization records for their personnel file. Staff will inform the administrator whenever any immunization have been updated. All staff members are encouraged to get a flu shot every year.