Child Abuse Policy

The staff is required by law to report suspected or disclosed abuse to the Ministry for Children and Families. This is something we always hope will not be necessary, but these procedures are designed to protect children. It is the responsibility of the Ministry of Children and Families to investigate and decide if abuse has occurred. We are not permitted to contact the parent unless specifically directed to do so by the Ministry of Children and Families or the Police. Please remember, our concern, as always, is for the safety and well-being of children.

Missing Children Policy

Little Friends’ Preschool believes that all children should be cared for in environments that provide maximum safety. The preschool shall only permit children in its care to engage in activities and /or events that have been carefully planned to ensure maximum safety.

The staff is aware of their roles and responsibilities should a child become lost.

If a child should go missing the staff, in a calm and careful manner, shall carry out the following procedures:

  • The senior staff person shall immediately instruct all staff to bring the groups of children together. She/he shall quickly and quietly determine where the child was last seen. The staff member that is responsible for that child will conduct a search of the immediate area.
  • Staff not engaged in the search shall ensure that the children remain calm and engaged in activities while the search continues.
  • Within two minutes, the search of the area will be expanded and the staff will get as many people involved in the search as possible.
  • Should the staff fail to find the missing child within ten minutes, the RCMP shall be contacted immediately by the senior staff and pertinent information will be given
  • Parents/ Legal Guardians shall also be contacted and informed of the actions taking place and will be phoned back every few minutes with updates on what is going on.
  • When the child has been found, the senior staff shall inform everyone involved, hold a debriefing as soon as possible and shall file a Serious Incident Report with the Community Care Facilities Licensing.