Is your centre licenced? Are your teachers qualified?

Yes, we are fully licenced with yearly evaluations from Richmond Childcare Licensing Branch. All of our teachers have their BC government certified Early Childhood Educator licence. All teachers have a current first aid certification, current criminal record check, medical clearance from their physician. All teachers are required to take at least 8 hours a year in workshops and conferences in their field of work to better their education. All teachers have had their Covid vaccine.

What is your Child/Teacher ratio?

Our 3 year old program has 3 teachers for a max of 15 children and our 4 year old program has 3 teachers for a max 24 children.

What is your release/security policy?

Safety with children is our top priority. When you start  you will be asked to fill out a pickup/release form. You will write down all people that would be authorized to pick up your child from the centre. Parents must keep teachers informed at all times if anything should change on the form. If a person is picking up your child and we do not know them and/or they are not on your form the child will not be released and the parent will be called immediately.

Security: all unknown adults that enter the facility are stopped and questioned. If their business is not concerning the centre  they are asked to leave. Our playground area is fully fenced and all exits are watched carefully.

What is your curriculum?

Little Friends Childcare Centre is an inclusive play-based program that covers a variety of teaching opportunities in a fun and loving way. Children will have the opportunity to build many friendships. They will learn how to talk respectfully with each other, how to play and be imaginative , how to problem solve and come up with ideas together in a fun way .They will develop language skills to be polite, mindful and empathetic toward others  . Children will be taught simple math concepts, science experiments, writing skills, letter/phonics, arts and crafts, language building skills, fine motor development, and gross motor development. We aim to build self-esteem and confidence, to encourage them make friends, and to challenge themselves personally and academically.

Does my child need to be toilet trained?

No, it is not required. We believed toilet training is very different for each child and we will work with parents to help that process along. Be sure to speak to the teachers on your child’s progress and be sure to bring extra clothes/pull ups /wipes with them to school.

Do you accept the “Affordable Child Benefit Program”  for fee payments?

We do accept subsidy payments. It is up to the parent to apply and keep their account active. If there is a delay in payments, a subsidy has lapsed or is denied or the amount is not completely covered, the parents will be responsible to pay the appropriate fees due. It is not the centre’s responsibility to keep your subsidy payments current and on time.

Does your centre have a religious component?

No. We do rent the space from South Arm United Church but there is no religious component in our curriculum.


Are you a $10 a day program

Yes, Little Friends has partnered with the BC Government to be able to give families a reduction in the monthly fees . The monthly fee is based on $10 a day theory . 5 days daycare fee is $200 per month


If you have any more questions, feel free to contact us at any time.